Dating vs. Relationship [ep.1]
When you look at the term dating and relationship, the first thing that comes into your mind is that there’re actually the same. They are quite different though. Let me explain.
Dating entails lots of doubts, you probably still watching your partner, learning more about him, you might even still be looking for a better person during the period of dating.
While relationship involves people connected by mutual commitment to each. This can actually lead to something good in future unlike dating.
Let’s just say dating is a process that leads to a relationship, and a relationship can lead to something good in future most definitely marriage.
When you’re dating, you probably go on dates and all, do lots fun things together. You really don’t talk about each other’s plans. In a relationship, communication is key. You definitely talk about everything both serious and unserious conversations. You are not afraid to show your beautiful and ugly side, you have mutu…


So I finally saw the movie Acrimony I must say I am really wowed, there are really no rules to successful relationships! Well, you could just be lucky. love is very complicated hmmmm, during the course of  watching the movie I kept asking myself if its really worth it giving your all in to a relationship and you end up getting burned well I’m just going to be indifferent and not take sides I.e (Melinda) or (Robert)
Young Melinda was a naive lady and also exhibited that in her relationship by exposing herself to her Robert boyfriend then now husband because she loved him.” Exposed” in the sense that she told him about her will from her mum and all and he took advantage of it he had nothing to loose at that point so he clinched to her as a support system. Robert could have gotten a job to assist himself through school I know he couldn't get a legit job because of his criminal record but there were other things he could do to fetc…


"What fashioned the Khennie you know today?". Well everyone who knows me or came across me in life always have this comment  "Khennie, why are you so prem and proper?, you are sooooo uptight, Jeez loosen up and get flexible" and you know what?? It's becoming a trend that I fear for myself I might miss out from the fun in life. I try people, I try a whole lot!!!!!.
I grew up in Lagos Nigeria, Surulere to be precise. I was born there, Living and growing up in Lagos was ermm not so fantastic cos my dad was in Abuja at that time so I together with my mum and siblings stayed in Lagos I am sure you guys can relate with the way Lagos can be stressful but that's not what I’m about today. My school was in Surulere so we had to trek to school and do stuffs all by ourselves so we had all the freedom, sometimes we might choose not to go to school but we will pretend to prepare for school and our mum will bid us goodbye then we will proceed roaming the streets of Surul…


Hi there, Its DISCOVER KHENNIE Should I say I am super elated about this blog? Mahn it took all the courage in me to finally make up my mind on this!. First I must say do what your heart tells you it never lies lol. So basically this blog will be a lotabout my life, my fashion, my struggle with weight gain, depression, anxiety, relationships and lots more. Least I forget, the name is Fashina Omotola Kehinde, I am a twin, a Yoruba Nigerian girl. Got a B.Sc. degree from Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State in 2016, done with NYSC (National Youth Service Corps). Well, I am a low profile lady who hates drama, true, nobody likes drama but I totally can't stand one, I am a lover of peace and serenity. I love to express myself through my fashion style. I am very selective with food but I am a sucker for cakes. I vibe to Naija songs a lot but more into country songs, RnB and a little bit of rap lol......(don’t laugh at me). Generally my life is a boring one and I want to use this blog as a medium t…